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Ancasa Royale PekanAncasa Royale Pekan

The luxurious 4-star AnCasa Royale Hotel is located in the Royal Town of Pekan, overlooking the Pahang River. The hotel offers extensive hotel facilities with its signature experience : The River Cruise@Sungai Pahang.

AnCasa Royale Hotel, Pekan is also fast becoming a popular destination for couples looking for a wedding-venue with a difference at the hotel’s Garden@The Riverfront Marquee.


The Sultan Abu Bakar Museum Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

The museum displays many artefacts which are important in the state's history and the local Malay culture. The museum was officially opened by Sultan Ahmad Shah in October 1976. It is located in the former residence of the British Resident, which was built in 1929. It was acquired by the Sultan of Pahang in 1948 and was renamed Kota Beram Palace. In 1965, the Sultan moved his residence to a new palace (the Abu Bakar Palace), where the current Royal Palace is situated.

Watercraft Gallery Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

Located at Pulau Beram in front of the museum is the Watercraft Gallery. It displays watercraft of different shapes and functions that were once used in the seas and rivers of Pahang. There are several life-size replicas of the craft, which never fail to arouse the keen interest of the visitors.

The Tun Razak Memorial Hall Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

Dedicated to late Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia and one of the more famous sons of Pekan, this memorial hall houses some of his personal effects and memorabilia. It was first open to the public in 1994, and intended to be pleasant reminder on the various aspects of the life of Tun Abdul Razak, who was instrumental in charting the future of the nation.

Silk Weaving Gallery Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

In existence since 200 years ago, Royal Pahang Silk is a proud testimony to the colourful past of the Pahang royal family. Quality silk has been produced for hundreds of years by a selected household at Pulau Keladi. Where the traditional and intricate weaving method has been passed down for generation.

The Sultan Abu Bakar Palace Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

The most interesting part of the palace is The Royal Abu Bakar Museum located within the palace which was renovated to become a museum in 1982 and officially opened in 1990. It is a living museum which houses a good collection of royal heirloom, impressive rare artefacts and a good record of the history of the state's royal family. The Royal Museum is closed to the public for renovation from January 2012 until September 2012.

Tasik Chini Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang

Tasik Chini is a lake near the Pahang River in central Pahang, Malaysia. The lakeshores are inhabited by the Jakun branch of the Orang Asli. The lake offers tranquil and peaceful surroundings steeped in myths and legends that have remained unexplained to this day. According to an Orang Asli legend, the lake is inhabited by a dragon called the Naga Seri Gumum sometimes referred to as "Malaysia's Loch Ness Monster". It is believed to contain an ancient sunken Khmer city at the bottom of the lake.

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